Friday October 5th, 2012

This article describes the technical solutions used the structural design of “UNICREDIT ŢIRIAC BANK” office building, located in Bucharest, 1st District, Expoziției Blvd. In elevation the building presents two basements, ground floor and fifteen stories, with a setback at the top floor, reaching to a total height of approx. 64.00 meters. Taking into account the continuous economic crises over the last years, the developers are trying to reduce to the minimum the investment level. Particularly, for this building, not only the cost was important but also the time was a major constraint, due to the very short execution time, of 18 months, requested by the final beneficiary. Under these circumstances the optimum structural solution was the one where the steel frame made of beams and columns was combined with the concrete shear walls and slabs. Using the combination of steel and concrete we could achieve a fast execution at the same time a lower cost for the building. In order to obtain the optimum structural solution also for the infrastructure, for the retaining system a continuous wall made of secant piles supported by a horizontal layer of struts at the top beam level was provided. Another important issue, studied by us, was the support conditions for the seven stories atrium structure. Implementing the modern concepts in our design process and their influence for the technical and economical performances are

presented inside this article.