Research and Development Department

The Research and Development Department of POPP & ASOCIATII stands for an exceptional experience at national level within a company in the field of structural design engineering. Its key duties refer to the implementation of innovative working methods, as well as the translation into the daily computation and design activity of the expertise accrued over the years in the company.

The activity areas of the department include:

  • Research collaborations in the field of design engineering and state-of-the-art technical solutions;
  • Permanent upgrade of the design, analysis and computation methods and programs at European and worldwide level;
  • Development of own design programs and solutions;
  • Active participation to the design codes development and reviewing process;
  • Development and application of cutting edge technologies and technical solutions, most of them on a first-time basis at national level;
  • Conduct of various experimental validation programs for technical solutions developed within the company;
  • Participation as partners in various national and international research programs;
  • Publication of articles concerning adopted and implemented technical solutions, designed objectives and results of conducted researches;
  • Active participation to national and international conferences in this domain;
  • Continuous development and enhancement of the design process within the company;