Special Projects

The company POPP & ASOCIAŢII is qualified to deal with projects entailing a high degree of difficulty, with unique projects having no correspondent in the field or with projects using pioneering technologies or materials in the area of constructions, as a result of the lucrative cooperation between the Design Engineering Department and the Research-Development Department within the company.

 1. Partial demolition (intervention works to the existing building), execution of construction and installation works at CENASIC. 

The Research Centre for Integrated Systems Nanotechnologies and Carbon Based Nanomaterials (CENASIC) which is to be built in the town of Voluntari (near Bucharest) consists of a building unit having the height of ground floor+3 floors+4th setback floor(P+3E+4R). It will be built on the site of a workhouse belonging to the National Research and Development Institute for Microtechnology in Bucharest, workhouse which is to be partially demolished. The intended purpose assigned to the ground floor of the building unit to be constructed is that of “White Room”, the superior floors hosting offices, technical premises and a conference room. The 1st floor is made of a technical area separated from the ground floor by means of a steel beam network. The floor height of the ground floor is of 4.50 m, the height of the first and second floors is of 3.00 m, whereas that of the third and fourth floors is of 3.50 m, respectively 3.20 m. The total gross area is of 1,060 sq.m.

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2. Technical surveying and retrofitting projects for 58 houses in Roșia Montană.

Under the project, the structure of the buildings has been assessed and several solutions concerning retrofitting works to their structure have been analysed, in order to comply with the strength, stability, stiffness requirements laid down by the codes and regulations in force.

The buildings making the object of such project are constructions erected and commissioned about 100 years ago, constructions that have been designed and built based on traditional methods, by using various local materials, without relying upon any technically informed rules or regulations in terms of structural compliance. From this very standpoint, comprehensive studies and extremely thorough analyses of the particularities of each individual building were needed, for the purpose of determining the proper retrofitting conditions and measures.

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