IKEA Pallady Special Foundation Works


The Popp & Asociații Inginerie Geotehnică team has had the opportunity to work alongside Bog’Art, the general contractor of the new IKEA-Pallady development.

Our team was asked to design the special foundations for  two rail mounted cranes that will be employed for the construction of the new development. Their foundations have already been completed and the cranes will be set-up shortly. At over 100m long, the rail crane foundations are the longest of their kind recently constructed in Romania.

The industry setting quality standards employed in all projects we work on have once again been proven through the design of this highly specialised infrastructure project. Furthermore, by using a rebar coupling system, the amount of steel that was used has been significantly reduced and the construction process was made less difficult.

Popp & Asociații Inginerie Geotehnică will continue to provide monitoring services for the newly constructed foudations, along with monitoring services for the adjacent foundations of the new IKEA complex, through topographical settlement measurements alongside tilt measurements made with an advanced tiltmeter that incorporates MEMS sensors.

Furthermore, with regard to the new IKEA-Pallady project, Popp & Asociații Inginerie Geotehnică also provides geotechnical supervision and consultancy services alongside a supervising renown British geotechnical consulting company. The customer chose our services based on the extensive experience that we have developed over time, while the manner in which such works are managed is a quality control example that should be followed for all major construction works.

In a similar manner we designed the foundations for another rail crane that is used within the CET Sud complex. Due to high loads and difficult terrain conditions, pile foundations were required.