Structural Design

The key activity area of the company is building design and consultancy, segment in which POPP & ASOCIAȚII has become a leading company. The company has continuously evolved, progressively asserting itself on the market through reliability and professionalism, constantly proving to be inventive, resourceful and creative.

Geotehnical Engineering

As designer and consultant in the field of geotechnical engineering, POPP & ASOCIAȚII concentrate its efforts on providing information that is absolutely necessary for a safe and cost-effective professional design, in line with the modern times. The company successfully took on the responsibility for site investigations, design and check-up of works for many large projects in Romania.

Retrofitting Works

POPP & ASOCIAŢII provides solutions aimed at rendering constructions compliant with the contemporary performance regulations by using performance and consequence based methods. The retrofitting works are executed via techniques and solutions suitable for the type and nature of the construction:

Project management

The Project Management Department of POPP & ASOCIAŢII deals with both project management and construction project management. The department activity relies on 5D BIM concept. The 3 space dimensions are further supplemented by execution time and involved resources (specialists, logistics, financial resources etc.)


Relying on the global experience acquired, on the individual professional know-how, on the results of the Research-Development activity, POPP & ASOCIATII provides rapid and effective solutions, both from technical and economical perspective, in relation to the feasibility of the proposed projects. The company provides alternate and practical solutions for each analysed situation, allowing the client to eventually choose the best option.

Technical expertise

For technical surveys, our experts take into account: - Assessment of the structural condition of the existing buildings; - Identifying solutions for bringing the structures to the contemplated level of performance; - Identifying solutions for expansion and super-elevation interventions and functional changes etc.; - Investigation of the causes and mechanisms that damaged the constructions under the action of natural elements or accidents (forensic engineering); - Technical-financial estimation of the implications resulted from the assessment processes and intervention solutions; - Risk analyses.