Retrofitting Works

POPP & ASOCIAŢII provides solutions aimed at rendering constructions compliant with the contemporary performance regulations by using performance and consequence based methods.

The retrofitting works are executed via techniques and solutions suitable for the type and nature of the construction:

-          Significance and intended purpose of the construction(either current or future);

-          Manner and period in which the construction was executed (historical monuments);

-          Geographic area where the construction is located (natural hazard);

-          Technical-economic implications triggered by the retrofitting works.

Starting from the nature of the building and the pursued purpose, our company proposes retrofitting solutions which use:

-        traditional materials (wood, masonry);

-        concrete-based modern materials (reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, rigid reinforced concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete) or steel (hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, reticular steel structures, steel cable structures etc.)

-        state-of-the art materials and solutions: carbon fiber, glass fiber, plastics, seismic insulators, anti-vibration shock-absorber and many others.