Relying on the global experience acquired, on the individual professional know-how, on the results of the Research-Development activity, POPP & ASOCIATII provides rapid and effective solutions, both from technical and economical perspective, in relation to the feasibility of the proposed projects. The company provides alternate and practical solutions for each analysed situation, allowing the client to eventually choose the best option.

Being completely aware that the feasibility of a project implies concept related costs and time, execution costs and time, “post-event” intervention costs, POPP & ASOCIAȚII provides complete optimized solutions, starting with the preliminary investigations (assessment of the foundation ground, topographic elevations, land survey, destructive and non-destructive tests and try-outs of materials etc.), continuing with comparative analysesof several proposed solutions from which the best solution is to be chosen and finally ending with the supervision of the execution works, design concept, design, implementation and analysis of the monitoring programs which keep a close look at the safety and health of the building, the building management and facility management solutions, average and long-term risk assessments.