Geotehnical Engineering

As designer and consultant in the field of geotechnical engineering, POPP & ASOCIAȚII concentrate its efforts on providing information that is absolutely necessary for a safe and cost-effective professional design, in line with the modern times. The company successfully took on the responsibility for site investigations, design and check-up of works for many large projects in Romania.

The proper execution of the Geotechnical Survey through effective site and laboratory investigations, which areas safe and reliable as possible, as well as through careful analysis of various solutions that occur during the term of the project, allows the obtainment of highly useful information and of objective and complete data. This enables the decrease of the safety coefficients in the calculation and design process and consequently minimizes the cost of the excavation and foundation execution.

With regard to the site investigation works, POPP & ASOCIAȚII meets the requirements of the final project in the shortest period of time, relying on specialized field personnel. The company uses specialists specially trained for the type of works they are executing, who are at all times coordinated by experienced engineers.

Cutting edge technologies, such as effective and suitable field-adapted equipment and technologies are used to obtain information and to comply with the project requirements.

The geotechnical design team within POPP & ASOCIAȚII analyses the data obtained from investigations and by multiple correlations and current interpretations, provides the optimal geotechnical parameters for the situation analysed on the field, in accordance with the requirements of the Beneficiary and of the authorities and also with the design requirements.

When performing analyses and proposing solutions for excavations and foundations, the company relies on an advanced design achieved through the use of advanced programs which are based on the finite element method. The proposed solutions are analysed both in terms of resistance and safety of the building and also from financial and technological perspective.